Friday, March 25, 2016

More Puerto Rican Food!

 Greetings, Folk, It's Montecristodog with another delicious Puerto Rican delicacy. Our spotlight is a tasty Puerto Rican treat called Alcapurrias. It is made of a mixture of Plantains, ground beef and other great vegetable products. If you are a meat-lover, this is made for you in mind. Having a sweet and sour taste, this treat will be addictive and will have you begging for more. You can eat this with Puerto Rican rice and beans or solo. If you like the hot stuff, you can open the tip and carefully pour the sauce inside. As you bite on it, it will add a fiery taste. I have enclosed a picture of an alcapurria so that you can have an idea of what a small but tasty treat can do, but be careful, this treat can put a couple of extra pounds on you. That's all right, walk it off tomorrow. Check out the link below for a video on how to prepare this tasty treat! (1) Buen provecho!

                                                     The brown slim one is the alcapurrias.

                                   (1)  Link---


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