Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pictures of our cooking class at church.

                                         Sister Rolanda teaching the class some cooking tips

                                                 Rolanda's quash special

                                               Rolanda's squash special
                                             Acorn squash
                                            2 apples (Gala preferred)
                                            Lemon Zest (1 tablespoon)
                                            Dry sage (1/4 teaspoon)
                                            Lemon Juice 1 teaspoon
                                            Brown sugar  1/4 cup
                                           Cinamon  1 tablespoon
                                           Nutmeg---freshly ground. 1 teaspoon
                                           Salt---1/2 teaspoon
                                           Butter  4 tablespoon
                                           Apple sauce--Unsweetened. 1 cup
                                          All purpose flour  2 tablespoons


                                         Preheat Oven at 400 degrees
                                         Cut Squash horizontally and remove seeds.
                                         Cut the ends on the squash so it will
                                         sit upright like a bowl.
                                         Place 1 tablespoon of butter in each half.
                                         Core apples, peel if desired. (You can leave the
                                         skins--if desired) Dice in 1 inch ice cubes
                                         and toss with lemon juice in a bowl.
                                         Add zest and seasonings to apples and mix.
                                         Divide evenly  to each half. Bake for 1 hour
                                         and 30 minutes.


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